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CASE STUDY: Carbonzero: A Future-Proof, State-of-the-Art Website

This newly launched Gatsby/JAMstack website was built to provide customers with a more vibrant user experience.

Carbonzero assists organizations, governments, individuals and NGOs to measure, manage, and mitigate their climate impact while supporting projects that protect nature and give back to local communities. They are leaders in corporate carbon management strategies and solutions and a provider of high-quality carbon offsets. Carbonzero’s approach, tools and services help their clients better understand and reduce their environmental impact.

They needed a website that reflected who they are. Enter Jambaree.

“Carbonzero specifically requested a Gatsby site and sought us out for our expertise as Gatsby/JAMstack developers,” says Blaine Yamakawa, a project manager at Jambaree. “They clearly understood the benefits of a Gatsby-built site, specifically speed, security and scalability, that would future-proof their investment.”

The new site is fast and is easy to manage thanks to Jambaree’s “headless WordPress” system. “Given over 35 percent of websites are built using WordPress (statistics for 2020), we developed a way to use Gatsby to power the front-end of our sites, while using the WordPress CMS for the back-end. It’s a win-win, clients get speed and security at the front-end with all the familiar features of WordPress at the back,” says Robin Zimmer, a front-end Gatsby lead web developer at Jambaree.

Other components built into the site that enhance user experience include:

  • a multi-language plugin created by Polylang that allows users of up to 90 different predefined languages to access the site, which furthers Carbonzero’s goal of reaching an international audience;
  • WooCommerce integration so customers or corporations can transact and purchase carbon offsets;
  • a custom built carbon footprint calculator to calculate specific vehicle emissions, flight carbon footprints and other data to calculate a person or family’s carbon footprint;
  • a custom built online Carbonzero registry to certify purchases and issue certificates for offset purchases.

“We are over the moon with our new Gatsby site,” says Blair Sutherland, Digital Strategist at Carbonzero. “It is state-of-the-art, built to scale up as our business grows. And, it reflects our position as leaders in carbon management.” 

For information on how to get your own state-of-the-art website, contact us now.


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