Fitness Town – Another Happy Jamstack Marriage Between Headless Shopify + WordPress

Our design agency partner REX Marketing and Design needed Jambaree’s help to build a new high performing, state of the art e-commerce website for their customer Fitness Town. REX contracted Jambaree to help with the scoping, development and project management of the website, while they were responsible for UX, design and client correspondence.

Headless Shopify E-Commerce and Headless WordPress Content Combined On One Website

Shopify and WordPress are both great platforms, but neither of them are great e-commerce platforms on their own. Shopify provides an unmatched checkout and secure transactional experience, but the platform itself does not allow you to fully customize product pages, or create custom layouts for the storefront’s homepage etc.

For instance, you can’t create a long scroll detail page like you would on this example page, with additional call to actions or more sales information.

Alternatively, WordPress also does not provide a stellar e-commerce experience. Sure there’s WooCommerce, but this platform is slow, antiquated and there are many security issues with using WordPress as an e-commerce platform. WooCommerce is also not a scaleable solution on it’s own.

Below are some examples of how we update our Gatsby Jamstack product page with Headless Shopify and Headless WordPress data coming from both platforms.

Sample product page with Headless Shopify and Headless WordPress combined data.

Sample Headless Shopify content editor with product data.

Sample Headless WordPress content editor with product content.


ERP, Hubspot and Affirm Integrations

Our custom solution was configured to integrate with Fitness Town’s existing ERP system myPOS to retrieve product inventory and display real time stock level status. The Fitness Town website was also integrated with the following external systems:

Multiple Shipping Options Including Courier and Flat Rate

The Fitness Town website also offers multiple shipping options for their customers. For smaller items, there are multiple courier options available so that the customer may choose the appropriate method and cost to suit their needs. For larger items, Fitness Town also offers flat rate shipping on orders that require LTL or special deliveries.

Full Shopify Checkout Experience

Our Jamstack solution seamlessly utilizes Shopify’s checkout experience to provide unparalleled security and payment gateway options.

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