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Linda Meyer Hentschel – A Luxury Womens and Children’s Wear E-Commerce Experience

Linda Meyer Hentschel is a high end luxury brand made from the world’s most luxurious raw materials and sensuous fabrics. Based out of Italy, LMH combines the best artisans in the world to work with the rare Sea Island Cotton (considered the “Cashmere of Cotton”) to produce extremely limited, highest quality luxury women’s and children’s wear.

Powered by Headless Shopify + Gatsby + Headless WordPress

Jambaree collaborated with the design team at Linda Meyer Hentschel to produce a Headless Shopify + Headless WordPress website using Gatsby as the React framework. The entire shopping experience and product details are managed within Shopify, while all other content is managed within WordPress. The result is a blazing fast, state-of-the-art, luxury fashion e-commerce website.

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