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Only Fencing – A GatsbyJS 4 + Headless Shopify + WordPress Jamstack Website, complete with Hubspot and ERP integration.

This project was built from the ground up, starting with the inception of the Only Building Products and Only Fencing names. Next was to come up with Only Fencing’s logo and identity, where the current Only Fencing logo evolved.

Branding and Identity

This initiative started right from the inception of the name of the company, where the name Only Building Products was created. Various logo concepts and visual elements were presented to the client before making their final selections. The next step was defining the requirements for the new website. This involved creating wireframes, website design and creation of a headless Shopify e-store with headless WordPress for content management.

Online Calculator and Downloadable Project Plans and Video

The most complex piece was creating the custom calculator built in the GatsbyJS framework that would be used to take dimensions from the user, and spit out a full materials list. The calculator did not involve simple math, and required additional complex logic where the initial requirements were changed many times by the client. Project building plans in PDF format were also (created by our sister company and added to the website providing step-by-step instructions on how to build each fence panel. These plans are also accompanied by high level videos (also created by our sister company illustrating the fence panel construction demonstrating the ease of building the panel from scratch.


Paybright (now Affirm)

Next was providing Only Fencing consumers with a Paybright (now Affirm) integration. Paybright is a financing provider allowing you to split the total amount over multiple payments. This mainly involved Shopify backend integration, but also required financing cost estimation widgets to be displayed during the calculation process.


We also pushed all form data and sales into Hubspot for further follow up and reporting. Any form fills are pushed into Hubspot as new leads, and the client team is notified to follow up. Once a response is made via phone or email, the lead is moved from the stage New to Contacted. If no response is received from the lead in 3 business days, a drip campaign is executed. The customer will receive various pre-canned emails from Only Fencing, providing additional sales information as well as touting the benefits of the company. The client is also able to generate all lead and sales data from Hubspot, which is further analyzed for conversion improvements.

ERP Integration

Lastly for the website, we custom built a Shopify integration to their ERP system called Woodpro. This involved outputting new orders to a file, and developing a custom app that would perform custom data conversion to transform the file into a Woodpro readable format. The file is then securely FTP’d to the Woodpro server every hour, and is then archived on our server for backup purposes.

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