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Real Cedar – A Multi-Language and API Driven Website for Consumers and Architects Worldwide

Real Cedar is the world’s largest online resource for Western Red Cedar and is available in six different countries/regions and four different languages. This website is the full meal deal, with ongoing content creation via blog and newsletter outreach, as well as publishing new downloadable DIY project plans and videos. Visitors who are interested in Western Red Cedar can request quotes directly from Real Cedar authorized retailers closest to them using the Find a Retailer Tool.

Powered by Gatsby + Headless Multi-Language WordPress and more!

Jambaree built this website from the ground up, from initial conception + design + development + deployment. There isn’t a single item on this website that Jambaree didn’t build.

Managing Multiple URLS with One WordPress Instance

The website lives on six different URLs and in four different languages. This is all managed from one multi-language headless WordPress instance, which is no small feat! Polylang Pro is utilized the manage the specific region’s content and languages, where each URL is built and deployed separately within it’s own Netlify instance!

Image Gallery fed by Cloudinary API

The image gallery is fed by Cloudinary, and cloud-based image repository. This reduces the Headless WordPress storage/server load and lives on a global CDN to help manage the distribution load.

Zoho CRM Integration

Retailer quote requests from visitors (leads) are fed into the Zoho CRM and routed to authorized retailers to respond. If a response isn’t received within a specified time period, the lead is reassigned to another retailer. Leads are then later followed up by Real Cedar staff to provide input on their experience and are surveyed on how the system can be improved.

Brochure and other document orders are also fed into Zoho, where the system admin approves and sends the order off for fulfillment.

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