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This #1 exotic decking and composite decking provider in the San Francisco Bay Area wanted to provide their high-tech audience with a high-tech online experience. They also wanted to improve their Google SEO results. This resulted in Jambaree building a GatsbyJS Headless WordPress solution, where content is instantly served up to their customers.

Jambaree originally launched the initial GatsbyJS version of the website in 2020, Since the Gatsby website release, their sales are up 41% for 2020 (when compared to 2019) and traffic from Google (organic listings) has doubled over last year. In 2021, sales have doubled over the previous 2020 year.

Siding Buyer’s Guide

Jambaree worked with The Decking Superstore sales team to try to alleviate some of their time spent on the same repeated questions asked by their customers. Many of the questions asked were about their siding product, where a bunch of input was needed by the customer in order for the sales team to generate a quote. In order to provide a solution, the Jambaree team needed to do the following:

  1. Interviewed the client for the most common questions and answers.
  2. Determine how those answers affect the product suggestions and outcomes.
  3. Created a decision matrix, determining the outcomes for various answers and scenarios.
  4. Created user requirements for the dev team to use to build the tool.

And voilà, the Siding Buyers Guide was born. The tool involves asking the customer a series of questions, where their input will generate custom product results. The final output are siding recommendations along with various options. The user can then do side-by-side product comparisons of their results, as well as add the product selections to a virtual cart, and then request a quote.

The result: Since implementing the Siding Buyer’s Guide, The Decking Superstore has seen an increase in siding quotes requested through the website by over 300%.

User Experience Design

Jambaree performed a UX audit on the website to ensure optimal user experience and navigation throughout the site. Analyzing the information architecture, Jambaree was able to find redundancies and pain points that could cause confusion to the user. Jambaree was then able redo the sitemap structure and redesign the navigation into a megamenu that not only better conveys the layout of the website, it also offers the user a preview of the various types of woods before navigating to that page.

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